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Step-Family Entrapment

Step-Daddy's little girl isn't as innocent as we all thought.. I caught the two of them fucking in step-mom and step-dad's bedroom.. I knew something was going on between them, but never thought it could be this bad! The thing is, Bailey rejected me in the past.. Leaving me embarrassed at my attraction towards her. But she's willing to screw our own step-father?! That is WAY worse than siblings having sex! After I found out about their affair, step-sis has been much nicer to me.. Maybe she's afraid I'll tell step-mom - who will be nothing less than pissed at them both!I shouldn't have turned you down.. Not gonna lie, my feelings were hurt. But I'm glad we're doing this now Me too, and step-dad is getting on my nerves now anyway Step-Sis runs her hand up my leg, lightly stroking my hard-on over my shorts. Her fingers glide over the tip of my cock and she looks up at me with her sultry blue eyes and whispers "I want you inside me" It was enough to make me lose all control to my manly desires.. Watch as my step-sister teases off her white cotton panties.. With her ass up in the air, I finally stick my throbbing dick deep into her tight pink pussy. She felt so good as her pussy lips wrapped around me; I had to be careful not to cum to quick! I relax and watch her big round ass bounce on my cock as she rides me! If I knew step-sis was this much fun to fuck, I would have been much more resilient to her deinal. Hopefully this won't be the last time I drain my balls in her mouth. I know she'll be craving more of her step-brother's cock soon enough!

Released:Nov 26, 2020
Length:18 min

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